Johannes Beese Foundation

The Johannes Beese Foundation is a charitable organization having legal capacity based on the rules and by-laws of the German civil law and is registered in the city of Unna. The foundation is managed by the chairperson and the board.

We strongly believe that children in need and disadvantaged youth can only be empowered through education in order to be capable of taking their life into their own hands. Thus, we focus on supporting projects in the field of education, especially at secondary schools. We might support school feeding schemes, renovation and construction of school buildings or get involved with training teachers. We are open to project proposals in order to improve the overall quality of education in Africa and wish to extend these projects to reach more learners.


The Johannes Beese Foundation supports projects in Africa and currently concentrates on the south-east of the continent. At the moment we hold projects in Malawi and Zambia as well as various long term projects in the DR Congo and Tanzania. New project proposals for the great lakes area will not be considered. However, we do accept proposals for Malawi and Zambia. Further information about supported projects can be obtained upon written request.


Institutions and Individuals can submit proposals to the foundation that are within the foundations objectives outlined above. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact details:

Johannes Beese Foundation
Hermann-Hesse-Str. 12
59432 Unna/Germany


Charter of the charitable organisation (PDF)